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Split Firewood (not available in 2023) / Whole Logs (not available in 2023)

$275.00 / Cord Split Firewood – Call to verify availability
8-9 Cord Semi Load of Logs – Call or email for pricing

We can load Firewood in your trailer with our front end loaders during regular business hours. Logs are only available for delivery.

Our semi loads of logs consist of a mixture of quality hardwoods, and softwood (soft maple, elm, etc.) These loads do not include any pine. The diameters of these logs vary from 12″ – 28″ wide.

Our split firewood has an average length of 12″ – 24″, and consists of quality hardwoods. All of our split firewood is sold by volume, and loaded with measured buckets.  Call to verify if it’s available.

*Prices are subject to change without notice based on availability & weather.

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